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EP 40: The Art of Alignment in our Social Media and Business (w/ Gala Darling, Rachel MacDonald, Luke Hines and Angela Simson)

This episode is less strategy (more on that soon) and is more about the energy of social media, and the relationships with our communities which we create in these sacred spaces.

EP 39: Luke Hines on Showing Up As Your True Self

An honest and heart-hitting conversation starter with Luke Hines, helping us dissolve labels, pressure and expectations we place on ourselves.

EP 38: Tara Bliss on Reclaiming YOU and Rebelling with Light

I first met Tara Bliss back in 2012 and she has been one of my best friends ever since. Tara is a true leader and rebel of light. doTERRA Presidential Diamond and Australian Founder, lighting up the world with her communities, poems, programs and love of essential...

EP 37: Gala Darling on Radical Confidence, Creativity & Prosperity

This episode contains adult language and conversation From the moment Gala Darling walked on stage at our Soulpreneurs Book Launch and Conference in a silver sparkly jumpsuit and pink hair, it was clear we were in for an explosion of high energy fun, confidence and...

EP 36: Working with Angels, Goddesses and Guides (w/ Julie Parker, Sora No, Sarah Wilder and Shunanda)

It's finally here! The first in our series recorded LIVE at the Soulpreneurs Book Launch and Conference in 2018. In this episode you will hear how grateful I was to have special guests Julie Parker, Sora Surya No, Sarah Wilder and Shunanda Scott join me, for the...

EP 35: Healing with the Soul of your Business (Back from Healing Hiatus!)

Welcome back for a whole new era of Soulpreneur Sessions! I feel like an entirely different and new person since our last episodes together, so before we dive into all the new light, excitement and amazingness coming for you in the next episodes.. In THIS episode, I'm...

EP 34: Purpose over Popularity [Exclusive Book Preview]

How many times have we chosen a popular path rather than our true purpose? Or posted something on social media for 'likes' rather than share what we really want to say? How many times have we stayed quiet, safe, small and 'part of the pack' rather than make courageous...

EP 33: Connecting With The Soul Of Your Biz [Exclusive Book Preview]

In today’s episode and audio preview of the Soulpreneurs book, we dive in to connect with the soul of your business, purpose and mission. As we live in a time of abundant resources available to assist you on your new career or business path: courses, coaches, teachers...

EP 32: Going Back To The Future [Exclusive Book Preview]

"You cannot connect dots looking forward, but you can connect dots looking backwards" Steve Jobs Reflecting back on our childhood and teenage dreams gives us a chance to reignite the spark we once had about our careers and lives, before the world told us what it...

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