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Doreen Virtue: Soulpreneur Role Model

Kinda weird to call her this, but Doreen Virtue is one of my business role models. Not for the reasons you may think though. Yes Doreen has enjoyed decades of an incredible career lighting up the world through her books, speaking, events and oracle cards. She has helped many people. Myself included. I’ve probably spent thousands […]


The Courage To Change

“maybe the bravery isn’t in what I do, it’s in what I don’t do” Smiling as I read through journal mumbles from last year when I was in the middle of big changes.. When I was still scared of stepping away from ‘glamorous’ ego projects and parts of my business and life that no longer […]


Army of Angels

There is an infinite army of angels surrounding you. During medical procedures, I visualise angels swirling around the room. When I lay on scary scanning beds in cold, claustrophobic, isolated rooms.. I can feel them stronger than ever. I feel their presence. I even call on some of them by name. We are protected behind […]