This year has been all been about internal growth for me.

I have nothing new or fancy, flashy or impressive to show off externally.

No new books, collabs, projects, ranks, external achievements. In fact this will probably be the first year my biz growth, income and profit has taken a backward slide in almost 7 years of having a biz!

Which is challenging yet has helped heal my inner Over Achiever. She’s had to chill the fuck out.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to one of my oncologists that it’s been challenging but also a big relief to let go of being so ambitious, and to surrender all my original biz goals and plans. I had always been someone with fierce and focused ambition.

Then she said to me “you’re still that person, your ambitions have just changed” And that’s true.
My ambitions this year and moving forward are just as focused, but they have become more simple and grounded:

+ To feel peace and acceptance of my circumstances
+ To be well and as painfree as possible
+ To let my ego go, to simplify, to downsize, to stop chasing bigger and ‘better’
+ To have all the energy and time in the world for people I love.

And on days I’m up for it: to do my own little bit to help create more peace, understanding and cooperation between
Modern Medicine x Mother Nature x Metaphysical Healing

If you’re feeling this has been an internal year for you too, I’m totally with you! We all grow in our own time and ways xo Yvette