Soul of Essential Oils: Frankincense

Often called the “king of oils” Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically, while topical uses provide modern health benefits. Renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils, Frankincense has extraordinary health benefits and is a holy oil in the Middle East. As an ingredient in the holy […]

Thriver Tunes

In my eBook Learn To Thrive I mention the power of music to keep us inspired, motivated or peaceful – depending what you need today! Here is a selection of my favourite Thriver tunes: Would love to know yours? What’s on your cancer thriving playlist?

Why and who is it all for?

Remember WHY You Started + WHO You Started For 💗 Here I am on the home stretch of my first ‘Learn To Thrive’ offering for cancer thrivers.. until BAM! Oh hallooooo my old friend: resistance. Please tell me if any of this below sounds or feels familiar? (and please read to the end.. you may see […]


Oh wellness world, you can be a funny place at times. These days I try to stay out of the online debates, media debacles and drama of it all. Mostly because it was time to detox from the drama. Also because I don’t believe that extreme solutions will help (or heal) most people. YES some […]

The Courage To Change

“maybe the bravery isn’t in what I do, it’s in what I don’t do” Smiling as I read through journal mumbles from last year when I was in the middle of big changes.. When I was still scared of stepping away from ‘glamorous’ ego projects and parts of my business and life that no longer […]

Army of Angels

There is an infinite army of angels surrounding you. During medical procedures, I visualise angels swirling around the room. When I lay on scary scanning beds in cold, claustrophobic, isolated rooms.. I can feel them stronger than ever. I feel their presence. I even call on some of them by name. We are protected behind […]