Caroline Myss is a (five-time) New York Times best-selling author and a leading voice in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. The visionary shared her wisdom in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne this November as she travelled around the country on her highly anticipated 2015 Australian Tour. We were blessed by our friends at the Wake Up Project with the awesome experience of soaking up Caroline’s wisdom and tough love at her one-day workshop in Brisbane.

Here are some of Caroline’s top tips shared on the day:

  • Stop ‘looking for yourself’ – you already know who you are, look in the mirror!
  • Our world is the result of people having good ideas or bad ideas … and acting on them.
  • Your energy is depleted because you refuse to make a decision.
  • Chronic complaining is vampirism.
  • Obsessing about insults you’ve received only continues to feed the beast. Let the spectacle pass by.
  • Use your soul as a vessel for healing.
  • Loving is not going to hurt you, your fear of loving is what hurts you.
  • Pride and fear of humiliation is what holds us back.
  • Living your truth is more important than speaking your truth.

And a bonus round, Caroline’s tips on how to make a decision:

1. Ask the opinion of two wise people whose opinions you trust and who want to see you progress in life.
2. Read luscious books that lift you off the ground e.g. Emily Dicksinson, Psalms.
3. Pray.
4. Make the decision, cross the bridge, step fully into your decision and never look back!