Our fear of rejection is what holds most people back from stepping into their true purpose and potential.

It’s an understandable and natural human instinct to want to be safe and loved, rather than be vulnerable and risk people not liking or approving of us.

Which is one of the biggest reasons why I love today’s guest Charlotte Carr so much.

Right back from her career as an actress on many of Australia’s most loved TV series including Offspring, Home and Away and Underbelly. Charlotte was following her dreams and facing the inevitable rejections that are part of an actors job with auditions.

Then Charlotte was cast in her greatest role – becoming a Mother to her beautiful baby boy Willow.

This was the beginning of a big journey into whole foods and healing foods. A journey that helped heal her little man’s compromised immune system, reverse toxicity and illness, and enabled him to heal and thrive.

Like many Soulpreneurs, Charlotte’s passion for helping other parents through the same challenges was born and a new path and purpose followed.

Not long after, her recipes and approach was celebrated and shared by high profile health advocates. So much so that it ended up in the centre of an international media storm.

In this raw and personal interview, Charlotte reflects about the experience, growth and lessons including:

  • We go back to the beginning of Charlotte following her dreams; from becoming a performer, entertainer and actor.
  • Early experiences of rejection and how it developed into resilience.
  • Charlotte’s personal breakdown that lead to her breakthrough – and the purpose and path that lit up as a result.
  • Surrendering to the journey of your path, rather than focusing on the final destination.
  • Charlotte’s seachange; and how to know when it’s time for your change or move.
  • Advice for mothers who are feeling called into another purpose alongside their parenting.
  • How our purpose can be simple and right in front of us.

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