May I please use a “hormonal shitstorm Scorpio” disclaimer? As I am deep in endocrine therapy right now.

BUT this is important as still some understandable confusion amongst people in my life. And part of me moving forward with peace + acceptance in my heart, is knowing I did my best to help those around me understand as best as they possibly can too (if you care to, otherwise please click away).

For context (if you are someone that looks at stats) sadly only 22% of women have the privilege to make it more than 5 years with stage 4 breast cancer. Even fewer make it 7, 8, 9 years and beyond.

Next month it will be 9 years of me living with this staging. NINE years.

Miracle? Ummm a little, but more so the beneficiary of epic medical advancements (thank you science and researchers ??)

My body is not a failure. She is a thriver powering on beyond statistics and timeframes (as per above).

So next time you are tempted to speak natural-healing-guru judgemental and ignorant crap behind my back about my INTEGRATIVE approach: please stop.

Same goes for offering me well meaning but unsolicited advice, UNLESS you are a met thriver too or an oncologist: please don’t do it.

The biggest mistake and worst cancer progression I ever had was when I temporarily went against the guidance of my medical team, and trusted the leading ‘natural cancer gurus’ and protocols (yep including so-called cell and DNA altering meditations etc etc)

It’s taken my doctors YEARS to get me stable again, and we’re getter closer and closer. (note: not necessarily cured, but stable)

Many women aren’t so lucky. So please be careful of the dangerous advice being dished out. Especially the spiritual superiority and bypassing.

Anyone who says you can reach an elite spiritual level that makes it impossible for this (or any) dis-ease to live in the body is a bloody wanker. Delete, block, move forward.

Find medical doctors and practitioners you love and trust. Don’t stop looking until you find them. Let them become the experts on your condition, not self-appointed ‘gurus’.

You deserve the very best care and most recent advancements in research xo