Six years ago when we hosted our very first Soulpreneurs event, I invited Denise Duffield-Thomas to be a panelist and she was an audience highlight. We all adore her and I can’t think of anyone in the world right now who is a better soulful wealth coach for Soulpreneurs.

So I was very happy and grateful when Denise said yes to jumping on a plane back up to Brisbane for our Soulpreneurs conference and book launch all these years later!

So grateful in fact that I invited her to join both one of our panels AND do her own talk on what she knows best: Prosperity and Abundance.

This episode is that talk, and the following episode is the panel, so we’re lucky to have double Denise for you in these two episodes!

For those of you who don’t know her yet, Denise is a self-made millionaire who runs a multi-7 figure business from her home in Newcastle, Australia. Where she lives with her husband and 3 gorgeous children.

Denise has a new book out right now which is a perfect accompaniment to Soulpreneurs. Her book is called Chillpreneur which you are going to hear glimpses of throughout this episode on taking a lighter approach to business, while still achieving serious results.


  • Acclimatising to goals and achievements
  • Snakes and ladders of business
  • Importance of sister support
  • Identifying your barrier of entry to prosperity
  • Starting your publishing career with self-publishing
  • New thinking on what a wealthy woman looks like
  • How to introduce new pricing and up-levelling
  • Embracing the rite of passage of haters
  • Why Denise believes wealthy women can change the world, for the better