Blogging, writing and releasing books are some of the best ways to share our message and work with the world.

Gala Darling has been blogging for ten years, and during that time has turned it into a business and become an internationally published author.

On Soulpreneur Sessions today we’re sharing an excerpt from her Soulpreneur masterclass to help you learn:

  • How Gala discovered her calling and advice on how you can uncover yours.
  • The real journey from blog to book to business.
  • How to use your blog to boost your profile and extend your audience.
  • Gala’s blogging history and future – what the new wave are doing differently!
  • Insights from both self publishing your book, and also working with a big publishing house.
  • How Gala became a published Hay House author.
  • Tips to movitation (and making money) as a writer – and how to select your topics.
  • Advice on marketing and promoting your book at minimal cost, and how to create momentum before the book is even written.