As a Soulpreneur, there are many conversations in our business and life that are opportunities to practice an open mind and open heart.

Network Marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing creates heated debates in the entrepreneurial world.

Although over the past couple of years we’ve noticed something, you may have too:

So many of our fellow Soulpreneur teachers and students are embracing network marketing in a wonderful way!

Which is when we decided to open up this conversation with the Soulpreneurs community.

Because afterall, our whole mantra and goal for this year is ‘to get more money into the hands of the lightworkers’ particularly the mamas, and the creatives, and the healers.. and this profession appears to be doing exactly that!

Our special guest is Tara Bliss leads thousands of women to revolutionise their physical, emotional and financial health with essential oils, all whilst helping them awaken to the powerful leader that resides within.

Tara is the best selling author of High: A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace and is just about to birth her new Rebels of Light project!

Tune in to this special extended episode of Soulpreneur Sessions to discover:

  • How to stay open to all opportunities (for ourselves and our audience)
  • Supporting local vs. global business
  • Starting network marketing with no audience (you will be surprised by this)
  • Expanding your existing business to include a network marketing
  • The type of Soulpreneurs who thrive as network marketers
  • What makes this style of word-of-mouth and relationships style so feminine
  • Getting to know the heart, soul and philanthropic side of the biz
  • How to select the right network marketing opportunity for you (checklist)