Welcome to our new opportunity to create your thriving health and business together!

Firstly, a little recap on why essential oils and this opportunity to collaborate with dōTERRA became irresistable to me (and why I regret resisting for so long).

For years I stumbled around on my own trying to piece everything together.

My passions for health, natural solutions, soul connection and empowering women (wanting to do all of the things)

My calling to help people flourish in their body and also their business (how can I do both?)

My desire to be part of something bigger, to make a real difference.

To truly have a philanthropic impact in both the lives of people around me, and the lives of underprivileged communities in other countries who I desperately want to help.

Running successful businesses as an entrepreneur is awesome in many ways, and I’m grateful.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m very blessed to have worked with my favourite teachers, authors and rockstars during my career.

I spent my twenties working in exciting recording studios and international record companies.

I changed direction at 30 (after a health crisis) which lead to creating a wildly successful event company; producing tours for wellbeing leaders including Gabby Bernstein, Pete Evans, Gala Darling and Food Matters.

And I continue to run an abundant soulful business school with hundreds of students and graduates changing the world!

Not bad for a high school drop out, right?

I even have a self published ebook Learn To Thrive about my cancer journey, and am currently putting the finishing touches on my first published book for Soulpreneurs coming soon.

So I’m very proud and grateful.

Although where I’m at now, being a work-from-home writer and running my own business, can feel a little isolated and lonely.

Not to mention the responsibility, overheads and pressure of ‘being out at it alone’.

Sometimes it all felt so big, so hard.

I prayed for less lonely path.

Even though I had an awesome team, students and clients who I love!

I prayed for a path that would give me the collaborative connections, security and comfort of a ‘regular job’ without needing to compromise on my values and independence.

Most importantly? Still allow me the space and lifestyle to continue running my beautiful business.. and starting a family soon.

I prayed for an opportunity to make a REAL difference, while supporting my own wellbeing.

What I never expected was that all of my desires and callings were leading me to THIS beautiful opportunity.


This life-changing dream and opportunity to collaborate with a company of high integrity and philanthropy.

Who share the same visions and dreams that I do.

A company who help me thrive in my health and business, while empowering others to do the same.

Who share a vision of honouring our earth, our health AND putting money into the hands of lightworkers (my mantra for 2017!)

THAT is how dōTERRA came into my life.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.00.13 pm

For a couple of years (yes, years.. what a waste) I was super judgemental and closed minded and resistant to exploring the truth about these next level oils and company.

Even with all the joy and success my dōTERRA friends were having, and that I was hiding my love of the oils in the closet (literally, in my bathroom cabinet).

Even the guilt I had to other friends who have gorgeous aromatherapy companies.

Although when I finally trusted an unexplainable pull, took the time and opened my mind and heart, the roar was impossible to ignore.

So the day finally came.

After battling the same negative voices (in my head and my life) who always try to hold me back from all the things I’m most proud of..

I said YES and enrolled as an official dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. And I haven’t looked back.


In just a few months, our team of Aroma Angels has rapidly expanded in HUNDREDS of new homes and celebrated the dōTERRA level of Gold in under 5 months (average time is 14 months).

My only regret has been not doing this earlier. What a mistake.

Because saying YES was just the beginning. All I needed to do was be willing.

The universe has delivered the goods ever since.

Getting to know the company, products aScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.08.05 pmnd people has set my soul on fire!

And now I get to build my own thriving Aroma Angels team to nurture, support and lead through their journey of bringing more beautiful plants and oils into their lives.. while embracing more peace, purpose, philanthropy and prosperity together!

That’s where YOU come in, angel.

I would love for you to join us.

Yes, this is our big opportunity to collaborate!

Copy of 820px x 310px – Untitled Design

You are invited to PARTNER WITH ME to join our team of ‘Aroma Angels’.

To join our team of healers, aromatherapists, bloggers, lawyers, chefs, massage therapists, entrepreneurs, full time mamas and total essential oils newbies!

As part of the big and beautiful Team Bliss, our intimate ‘Aroma Angels’ team work closely together to learn all about the healing powers of the oils and the life changing business.

With limitless layers of support, sisterhood and mentoring.

Elevating your health and your wealth in synergy. While making an army of new like-minded friends and aligned collaborators.

Perfect if you want to bring a beautiful product and philanthropic company into your life.. that creates more financial freedom for your family, self care, soul work and business.

Whether you have 2 minutes a week or 20 hours, my friend, the biz opportunity could be for you. Let’s chat!

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 5.09.09 pm

It’s time for your next step. Choose your own adventure:

OPTION 1 (Personal Use):

Wanna bring the oils into your home, although not feeling called to the biz opportunity right now?

Just want a personal use account? I have you covered here: SIGN UP

I’ll hook you up with a wholesale account – no strings, just lots of $$ savings woohoo! 

OPTION 2 (Personal Use + Biz Opportunity):

Excited to explore the opportunity to work with me + dōTERRA?

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