Oh wellness world, you can be a funny place at times.

These days I try to stay out of the online debates, media debacles and drama of it all.

Mostly because it was time to detox from the drama.

Also because I don’t believe that extreme solutions will help (or heal) most people.

YES some people do need a drastic diet, and I respect and admire you if that is your situation. I’ve been there and it’s challenging. Sending you so much love.

Although for everyone else, let’s chill the F out.

The fact that fruit is demonised is insane.


Especially for people with cancer.

I’ve had this conversation many times with leading oncologists, doctors, dieticians and best selling nutrition authors.

Do you know what’s more important for people with cancer, than removing sugar from their diet?

After stress reduction..

It’s Nourishment, Fibre and Hydration. Especially during chemo.

All the brave and beautiful souls currently experiencing cancer treatments need all the nutrients they can get.

If that means having some watermelon because that’s all they feel like that day, then that’s wonderful.

Or for the overweight woman who is trying to curb their chocolate craving with grapes: you are awesome!

Or the overwhelmed mamas who are trying to switch their kids from regular ice cream to homemade banana ‘nice’ cream instead..

Please don’t let the wellness industry make you feel bad.

A beautiful balanced diet with a bit of everything is perfect for most people.

And if you aren’t most people, and have a serious condition to stay on top of, trust your own doctors, practitioners and intuition.

The biggest mistakes I’ve made with my diet and health were not trusting myself.

I’ve been on almost every extreme diet there is.

I personally know so many incredible wellness experts. I love them all. The vegans, the paleos, the mediterraneans.

Yet none of them are all right all the time.

And what is right for us and our body at different times changes.

Learn about your own body, what it needs and do what feels good for you.