This episode contains adult language and conversation

From the moment Gala Darling walked on stage at our Soulpreneurs Book Launch and Conference in a silver sparkly jumpsuit and pink hair, it was clear we were in for an explosion of high energy fun, confidence and creativity.

Gala is a New Zealander, living in the USA, who has been trailblazing the internet for more than a decade, and is unapologetically larger than life both online and on stage. In addition to her prolific online content, courses, blogging and social channels, Gala is the published author of Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams and Radical Radiance: How To Make Love To The Universe And Manifest Anything 

I’ve enjoyed the honour of hosting and producing many incredible events with Gala over the past five years, who has become a dear friend, and this talk is one of my favourites!

Themes of this podcast episode, which is a recording from our latest Soulpreneurs event, include:

  • Fun and sexy ways to getting “unstuck”
  • Simplifying your morning practice to not waste your optimal work/creative time
  • Firing the people who try to keep you small “no one is entitled to a slice of your life”
  • Taking more risks and spicing up all parts of your life ~ not just your biz
  • Reclaiming parts of yourself and embracing being an acquired taste
  • Ditching the rulebooks and strategy to spice up social media, and the real reason people like and follow you
  • Real talk on owning our mistakes or work that isn’t up to our normal standards
  • Prompts to cancel or close parts of your business that don’t light you up anymore
  • The teachers Gala loves (a couple of surprise inspirations!)

Please note that Gala’s commentary on social media in this recording represent her views at the time of live recording in Feb 2018. Gala continues to openly share her evolving suggestions on these topics on her blog: HERE

We also have an earlier Soulpreneur Sessions episode with Gala: Episode #10 where we discussed her journey from Blog to Book to Business. So please jump onto that episode after you’ve enjoyed this one.

Alright, here we go, let’s dive in. And please note this episode does include adult language and conversation: