You have important work within you, and your audience is looking for you ~ so let’s help them find you!

At the Soulpreneurs book launch and conference I invited four online marketing experts to share their wisdom with us: Amanda Daley, Kate Byrne, Michael Maidens and Rachel MacDonald. This episode is the live recording of that conversation.

We discuss social media, websites and email marketing including:

  • How to find and help your people.
  • Target marketing beyond demographics.
  • How to get clear on what products and services your audience are craving.
  • The art of asking and listening to your audience.
  • The changing and different online platforms.
  • Building relationships online and growing your community.

These topics and conversations relate to chapters: #7 Your Audience Awaits and #15 Embracing The Digital World in the Soulpreneurs Book available now.

Special note on this episode, which is a live event recording in a baby friendly environment. You may hear that for a moment or two in this audio.

The messages in this recording were accurate at time of recording in 2018.