Yvette Luciano is the Founder & CEO of Earth HQ, Earth Events and the Earth Academy for Soulpreneurs™.

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The Courage To Change

“maybe the bravery isn’t in what I do, it’s in what I don’t do” Smiling as I read through journal mumbles from last year when I was in the middle of big changes.. When I was still scared of stepping away from ‘glamorous’ ego projects and parts of my business and life that no longer […]


Army of Angels

There is an infinite army of angels surrounding you. During medical procedures, I visualise angels swirling around the room. When I lay on scary scanning beds in cold, claustrophobic, isolated rooms.. I can feel them stronger than ever. I feel their presence. I even call on some of them by name. We are protected behind […]


Smackdowns from Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is a (five-time) New York Times best-selling author and a leading voice in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness.