I believe in the full rainbow of healing modalities and medicines for cancer thrivers.

I’m here today
happy and well
thanks to:

+ Modern Medicine
+ Mother Nature
+ Metaphysical Healing

All three. Not just one.

They have kept me thriving with advanced cancer since 2010, and until recently I had not even experienced any physical pain from mets. In fact for almost 8 years many people didn’t realise how serious the staging of my dis-ease is, as I was thriving so well.

However it’s no secret last year was a tough one, which was put back under control thankfully. I haven’t even required a blood transfusion since last October!

Although around May this year it became clear that while MOST of my bone mets were decreasing, a small few were rebelling and going rogue unfortunately not responding as beautifully to treatment as the others (the majority) were.

So we knew it was time to step it up again.

Who is “we”? My whole multi disciplinary team of professionals. They work in this day in, day out.

So we explored options. All options.

The best option for me long and short term was highly targeted low dose radiotherapy throughout July.

My close friends may remember my last previous radiotherapy treatment had been 5+ years ago ~ on another spot which has entirely healed since then thankfully. Which gives us good faith and evidence in it working in these other areas too.

Please do not get me wrong: radiotherapy is not too be decided on lightly. However these bone mets had become so debilitating that I was walking with a limp, even unable to drive for a short time, and requiring heavy painkillers for the first time in my life. This was a physical pain that cannot be understood, until you experience it (which I hope you never do).

Unfortunately no essential oils or CBD were getting me through those treatment pain flares! But thankfully they certainly helped me taper off the painkillers when it was time (around a month ago).

And yes, I use both and all and everything. No, I don’t participate in the debate between Copaiba and CBD. They both serve me in different ways. I’m a believer and user of both. My body loves them.

When asked how essential oils did support me during this time, and with cancer in general? They are particularly beneficial for soothing the emotional experience of pain and treatments. Which is remarkable in it’s own right ~ now that’s a whole other post another time!

Additionally my spiritual practice, healers and mental health professionals supported me so much during this recent treatment and pain flare. As did many beautiful friends and family.

The greatest healers of all? My main oncologists and their teams who always take thorough care of me. You don’t get to beat odds by thriving 9 years with Stage 4 cancer without them! (unless you are one in a million ‘spontaneous remission’ extremely extremely rare for breast cancer)

If you or your loved one going through treatments don’t love their doctors ~ please get new ones! I’m forever grateful to be back in Sydney with my legend team.

TODAY I HAVE NO PHYSICAL PAIN. Hopefully it stays that way for awhile.

Yes, I am an eternal optimist but I’ve also become a realist. I don’t believe the universe nor cancer picks and chooses more ‘special’ or ‘strong’ people to survive nor thrive.

I’m so grateful for the healthy and well years I’ve had ~ hopefully there are many, many more ahead of me. Especially with advancements in treatments racing ahead these days!

Yet the most wonderful gift is this new grace and surrender I’m learning. A peaceful acceptance of my circumstances. And this year I’ve redesigned my life to allow more spaciousness, simplicity, joy and healing.

I’ve also started a new endocrine treatment which is great so far. Just even more of an emotional rollercoaster than usual (sorry friends!). At least I’ve got almost 39 years of Scorpio Lyfe that prepared me for that hahaa.

OKAY now to the main reason for this post, besides updating my dear friends on how I am, is to share this request (which may trigger some of you):

PLEASE stop the fighting, the patronising, the ignorance, the arrogance, the rivalry between:

Modern Medicine VS Mother Nature VS Metaphysical Healing

They CAN and WILL work together beautifully if we allow and encourage them to.

For any medical professional saying natural therapies aren’t supportive for cancer thrivers ~ please contact me directly. I would love to have a discussion with you on why, yes in fact, they do. A few of my doctors will back me up on this.

For my essential oil friends ~ Witnessing the ongoing debate between CBD and Copaiba makes me wanna scream. They are both magical!! Just be sure to get high quality of both!!

For anti-doctor/anti-medical/anti-pharma people ~ please open your heart and mind to appreciate there are times when medical intervention is beneficial or even crucial.

What I’ve witnessed in the ‘natural healing cancer’ world in the past decade is terrifying and has cost many lives of people I loved ~ I witnessed them suffer far more painfully than they needed to. Yep, no approach is perfect, but modern medicine wins when it comes to palliative care.

No question though that mama nature is the ultimate preventative care!

Thanks for reading, and thank you always for all your love, prayers and support. Hope the last part didn’t piss you off too much xo Yvette