How many times have we chosen a popular path rather than our true purpose?

Or posted something on social media for ‘likes’ rather than share what we really want to say?

How many times have we stayed quiet, safe, small and ‘part of the pack’ rather than make courageous changes in our careers and lives?

Perhaps this episode has popped into your life right on time. Are ready to finally stop sacrificing your soul for other people’s approval or the need to be liked or popular?

Because we can never be everything to everyone.

Yes, we can all get stuck in a trap that keeps us on the hamster wheel of life, going around and around in the same circles, saying the same things, buying into the same dreams, the same clothes, the same cars, and even careers we never desired in the first place.

So without healing this need for approval, to fit in, to be popular and to be liked, we will never fulfil our true soul call. Fears of not fitting in or being disliked or getting bad reviews are unhealed wounds that keep us playing small.

These unhealed wounds and fears will stop you from starting your soul business in the first place, stop you from changing careers and stop you writing your book or releasing your album.

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