Welcome to this first episode in a series of audio previews of my brand new book: Soulpreneurs (Pre-Order: HERE)

Over the next few weeks I’m sharing my personal favourite parts of the book here in audio excerpt format, straight into your headphones. These will vary in length and topic but all will give you the insider info and pep talk to Live Your Purpose, Lift Your Platform and Leap Into Prosperity.

Five years ago when I coined the phrase Soulpreneurs for an event series we were producing, I didn’t know it was the beginning of a whole new way of life, a movement and a magical ride that I was stepping on.

Or did I?

Aaaah I did kinda have a hunch.. and how grateful I am that’s it’s led me here, to you.

I’ve met so many incredible healers, creatives, bookkeepers, guitarists, yoga teachers, writers, naturopaths, over the years who now proudly call themselves a Soulpreneur.

I hope you will be one of them. One of us.

Do you want to be a Soulpreneur? And what is the definition of a Soulpreneur?

How do you become a Soulpreneur?

Well what if I told you that Soulpreneur magic has been within you all along..

Find out how to unleash that magic within now – press play below. And please share this link with your friends.

xo Yvette