“You cannot connect dots looking forward, but you can connect dots looking backwards” Steve Jobs

Reflecting back on our childhood and teenage dreams gives us a chance to reignite the spark we once had about our careers and lives, before the world told us what it thought was possible for us … before we were introduced to the word ‘realistic’ or the concept of a plan B, C or D.

In this episode and audio preview of the brand new Soulpreneurs book, you will discover that none of your work or life experiences have been insignificant. Nothing was a waste. In even the most random phases, interests and situations – there was a lesson. Sometimes massive, sometimes micro.

There is magic and meaning in almost everything. With enough time and space to reflect, we can start connecting the dots.

Your favourite songs from childhood, your favourite movies during your teens, your favourite characters who you adored. For me that includes my tween obsession with the Baby-sittters Club series, teen witch dream of The Craft right through to random telemarketing jobs and other kinda embarrassing but significant phases and jobs I’ve never shared!

Please press play now for this fun episode! Guiding your future through the dots of the past.