In today’s episode and audio preview of the Soulpreneurs book, we dive in to connect with the soul of your business, purpose and mission.

As we live in a time of abundant resources available to assist you on your new career or business path: courses, coaches, teachers and resources fill our wonderful World Wide Web. We are one click away from answering almost any questions or seeking any how-to info.

While we are blessed to access this information, overwhelm and information overload can be conflicting and confusing. Which leads us to stepping further and further away from our inner truth and being our own wisest business guru. The one who has been with you all along. The one who has been planning for this your entire life, with the soul contract in hand from the start.

In this episode, we challenge you to allow your inner wisdom, guru and guide to rise. Let her rise to centre stage and step into the spotlight for all your career decisions and business meetings. She is the soul of your business. Ancient and wise. Much higher and holier than anything we can look up on Google. Without ego and only here to serve.

Pause here and breathe. Slow down and connect in with the soul of your business. She has been waiting your whole life for this.

Please press play below. I can’t wait to open up this conversation with you.

xo Yvette