Continuing on our series of recordings from our Soulpreneurs Book Launch and Conference, here is an honest and heart-hitting conversation starter with Luke Hines on:

  • Misguided perceptions we have of ourselves, and others on social media.
  • Luke’s personal story on the importance of removing labels, pressure and expectations we place on ourselves.
  • The 3 magic “M”s that support Luke, and how they can help you too.
  • How to become your biggest cheerleader, instead of your biggest critic.

I’ve worked with Luke for many years, touring the country side, and I know you’re going to love him like I do.

Luke is all about helping people live their best lives, with a holistic approach that truly nourishes from the inside out.

His down-to-earth persona and training in health and fitness, combined with his successful stint as a finalist on My Kitchen Rules, have established him as one of the most popular health and wellness personalities in Australia, including a collection of best selling books!

You’re gonna love this episode, and the following episode, in which Luke also joined us for an amazing panel.