**Please note this episode does contain adult language**

What a line up for this episode – featuring Gala Darling (Best selling author and prolific online creator) Rachel MacDonald (Business Mentor and Writer) Luke Hines (Best Selling Author, TV Personality and Health Expert) and Angela Simson (Integrative Health Coach)

Four different business owners, with one common thread of loyal social media communities, as the foundation of how they have built and grown their businesses over the years.

A valuable conversation for anyone who invests a significant amount of time online in creating, nurturing and growing businesses, community and trust. While honouring our soul and wellbeing, and our audiences.

This episode is less strategy (more on that soon) and is more about the energy of social media, and the relationships with our communities which we create in these sacred spaces. Including:

+ our soul guiding decisions on opportunities and collaborations
+ respecting our audience more than our ego
+ the real value of social media – beyond the money and numbers
+ creating what feels good – on and offline – and making decisions on new projects
+ stepping away from formulas and making it up as you go
+ creating our own structures and ways of BEing in our business
+ moving through limiting beliefs at the beginning (and during) our business and career creation
+ false perceptions of the gap between you and your peers success
+ fear of judgement from others
+ nurturing your niche – and dissolving the need for everyones approval.
+ giving yourself permission to be polarising.
+ being out – loud and proud as the complete package of you
+ Gala shares her favourite tapping resources

**Please note this episode does contain adult language**