As a passionate soul, I’m sure there are topics that fire you up, which you may feel hesitant to speak about in the current climates of social media.

Either in fear of losing friends, followers or sales, or perhaps because we were taught not to discuss religion or politics at the dinner table.. or on social media.

Although I believe we must begin looking beyond that as we can no longer hide in our bubble of privilege. Ignorance is no longer bliss.. If it ever was.

There are far too many issues that as people of influence, we must speak up on.

And nothing speaks louder than leading by example.

What we post on our social media and sales pages matter.

Where we spend our dollars and who we support matters.

The companies and brands we publicly support and endorse matters.

The people we represent and collaborate with matters.

Over the past couple of years, many of our friends and peers have been discussing how we can do better in these areas. Especially in educating ourselves and committing to supporting far more diversity in our industries, which starts within our own businesses and platforms.

If you are new to this conversation, please be compassionate to yourself as we have all made mistakes in this area. We’re all still learning. And it’s never too late to do better.

We opened up this conversation with Julie Parker, Sora Surya No, Amanda Rootsey and Denise Duffield-Thomas onstage at the Soulpreneurs book launch in 2018. This episode is the live recording of that conversation, and does come with a language warning.

So let’s dive in, with love, to open up a chat on:

  • Responsibility of influencers, business and platform owners
  • Honouring our truth, standing up and speaking out
  • Ensuring we have clarity and confidence on our values, ethics, morals and what we stand for
  • A sensitive soul’s approach to confronting conversations and topics
  • Protecting your heart, boundaries and privacy while building a personal brand