I first met Tara Bliss back in 2012 and she has been one of my best friends ever since. Tara is a true leader and rebel of light. doTERRA Presidential Diamond and Australian Founder, lighting up the world with her communities, poems, programs and love of essential oils for women’s radiance, autonomy and freedom.

Over the years we’ve collaborated in various ways, through events and speaking spots, but our forever biz partnership began in 2017 when I launched my doTERRA Aroma Angels business with her. It took off, fast, and in 2019 we are set to follow in Tara’s footsteps by lifting from the already amazing Blue Diamond into a Presidential Diamond team too. The highest level of recognition in the organisation, within two short years.

Yep, of course I’ll be inviting Tara back onto Soulpreneur Sessions for more new episodes in the coming months too.

Including for a dedicated doTERRA series of awesome episodes coming for you later in the year. However this episode is something a little different.

In this particular episode, which was recorded live at our Soulpreneurs Book Launch and Conference, Tara shares powerful lessons from her mentor Hiro Boga and how these have influenced healthier boundaries and relationships in her business, community and life.

Personally, these themes have been massive for me recently. And I have a feeling you will relate and resonate too. Tara shares her suggestions on:

  • Reclaiming your solar plexus and protecting personal power
  • Where we are one and where we are sovereign, how to stay whole and stop merging
  • Liberation from unhealthy relationship with your biz and community
  • Why protecting boundaries is our responsibility, not others
  • Creating a stronger container for our energy before connecting with others
  • Calling up our power from the earth for stamina and sustainability
  • The real magic of collaborative leadership