Learn To Thrive is a personal introduction to combining conventional and complementary therapies, honouring the science and soul of wellness.
Because it’s time for a positive, proactive and practical approach to thriving with cancer. 
Yvette Luciano has been combining modern medicine and ancient healings for the past six years, ever since being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at 29 years old in 2010.
Yvette’s personal path has included an integration of surgery, radiation, chemo and endocrine therapy with nutrition, meditation, movement and spiritual healing.
It’s time to bridge the gap and bring holistic healing into hospitals and health care. Let’s embrace the best of both worlds!
Learn To Thrive is an inspiring 100+ page eBook with topics including:
  • Yvette’s tell-all tale from diagnosis to thriving
  • Creating your #thriveteam of oncologists and healers
  • Holistic therapies and approaches to support you through cancer
  • Nutrition for nourishment during and after treatments
  • Movement for physical and mental wellbeing
  • Creating a healing home, low tox bathroom, bedroom and beauty cabinet
  • Relationships, fertility, sexuality, work, purpose and so much more!
Part memoir. Part guidebook. No drastic diets or quackery.
Simply a down-to-earth tale of the best (and worst) decisions that Yvette has made along the way, and stacks of tips for you or your loved ones with cancer to explore now.

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Every cancer thriver has their own path, their own story. I am not a doctor or medical expert, I’m simply here to share my personal story and research in hope that it inspires you to continue yours xo Yvette

Important: Always check with your doctors before making any changes to your health or plan.