8 months ago my Soulpreneurs book baby was released into the world. Feels like a lifetime ago, considering what’s transpired since then!

While I started 2018 on a high with this career highlight, everything crashed down shortly after due to a health crisis.

Sadly I needed to cancel sold out workshops (I’m still so sorry), step back from podcast interviews, promotional opportunities and even withdrew from my speaking spot at Hay House’s Writers Workshop.

I let alot of people down. Which broke my heart more than anyone else.

And cancelling events, posting vague social media posts, and practically disappearing a week after your book is launched into the world isn’t what we planned.

The only thing I could manage was running my beloved doTERRA business with our Aroma Angels from my bed which thankfully kept my spirit alive and the income rolling in (because healing can be expensive stuff).

I’m only just now preparing to record the Soulpreneurs audio book version! 8 months later!

There are many amazing readers who have continued sharing the Soulpreneurs book – which has helped her continue to sell all around the world. I can’t believe it.

My compassionate publisher has reassured me many times that this is a lifelong relationship with this book. It’s not just about the fancy, flashy launch. We have many more years together.

Now as I continue to heal, to rebuild my body, to reenergise my soul, and with my doctors encouragement to ‘get back out there’ I’m planning a relaunch of this beautiful book which means so much to me.

I’ve been revisiting and re-reading her in these past few weeks. I still stand by every word ??

Not to mention the many magical hours filmed at our Soulpreneurs conference/launch which is ready to release — for free — as a thank you gift for your support!

While this has been (mostly) a dark year for me, I’m finally feeling lighter. Yep, I still have a long way to go before I’m fully recovered and bouncing around the countryside again, but I’m on my way.

I’m taking all the time I need.

Remembering there is a time to rest, and a time to rise.

2019 is going to be the best year yet ~ time to soar again baby xo Yvette