Why and who is it all for?

Remember WHY You Started + WHO You Started For 💗

Here I am on the home stretch of my first ‘Learn To Thrive’ offering for cancer thrivers.. until BAM!

Oh hallooooo my old friend: resistance.

Please tell me if any of this below sounds or feels familiar?

(and please read to the end.. you may see yourself)

I have big dreams and visions to help revolutionise the way that both the conventional (modern medicine) and complementary (ancient treatments) work together.

You know, just this ‘little dream’ to help build the bridge between the two.

To help all doctors, oncologists, naturopaths and healers work together in the same way that they have cooperated in my life.

Because everyone deserves this.

And watching both sides hate on each other is like watching your parents bicker, while you’re begging them to be kind and love each other.

Now I know that many of you have your own big dreams on a similar scale, so please bear that in mind as I share something with you..

For years (six in fact) I have been dreaming of this.

And I’ve finally started taking small yet significant steps forward.

But here’s the thing..

Now as I look at what I’ve created, I’m full of procrastination and self cristism..

  • There’s still so much more to say
  • I know so much more than this
  • It’s not enough
  • It’s not good enough

..leading to.. I’M not good enough.

Which is the root of the problem here.


And what and WHO this is actually for.

My first offering is a beautiful ebook which all people with cancer (and their loved ones) can download and dig in to immediately.

Sharing my personal six year story about living with cancer and many of the approaches, tools, doctors and healers that have helped me along the way.

It’s not conclusive of every single thing that I know.

It doesn’t need to be.

It’s a start.

It’s everything I would have loved to be handed on the day I was diagnosed.

But the ridiculous thing is that if I let my grandiose vision for huge immediate impact or my perfectionism hijack me here.. no one will ever see it.

It will sit all alone on my desktop. Wasting away and never seen.

And I’ll be safe.

And no 20, 30, 40 year old who has just been diagnosed will be able to get even one line of hope or help from it.

See the issue here?

Does this ring any bells?

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

We gotta keep remembering WHY we started.

And that it’s not about us.

So let’s get over ourselves and get our work OUT THERE.

It’s not about what your family or your peers or your industry thinks.

It’s about that one person who will be comforted as a result of you stepping up and stepping out.. for them.